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"Seeing the world with your own eyes is a thousand times better than any dream."

Ray Bradbury

This destination makes us discover new landscapes and new horizons all very different from everything we have been able to discover so far.


Lake Sevan

The moment time waited for Sevan, see its namesake lake. Upon our arrival on the shores of Lake Sevan, we head towards a spot where we find JB (Jean-Baptiste) and Oli.


A track leads us to this beautiful little beach located right next to the Sevan National Park. This will be our spot for the next three nights.


Sevanavank Church is probably the most visited site on the shores of Lake Sevan. After a few minutes of walking and after climbing a few flights of stairs, we finally discover the site which is made up of two very beautiful churches located on a hill overlooking the lake. These two buildings radiate a beautiful energy and the site offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

photo numéro 2.jpg

Yotnaghbyur Volcano

Near the village of Tsovazard, we go to a volcano, Yotnaghbyur. The hike is quick, 2 hours round trip and we are entitled to a beautiful view of Lake Sevan and other volcanoes around.

Mount Aragats

We go to Mount Aragats National Park to climb one of the 4 peaks of this name. We share this outing with Franck, a friend of Sevan from Switzerland. He will stay with us for 4 days to discover Armenia.


On site, we park next to Lake Kari. On its shores there is an ancient observatory and a cosmic research center.


We gear up and set off for a hike that will take us to two of the four Aragats peaks, the south at 3,850m and the west at 4,090m.


Arriving at the top, we have an incredible view of these orange and yellow peaks. These mountains in the ground completely disorient us. On top of that, they are enhanced by   late afternoon light.

photo numéro 3.jpg

The symphony of stones

Also called basalt organ, the symphony of stones is a rock formation with very particular shapes.


When we enter the site, we find ourselves in a portion of the valley in which each rock has this characteristic aspect. It is with eyes full of stars, a mixture of fascination and reverie that we advance along the river.

Geghard Monastery & garni temple

Arriving at the monastery, we discover a site, certainly beautiful, but which does not seem more remarkable than other monasteries that we have been able to visit in the country.


On entering the main church, lit only by daylight and a few candles, we hear songs whose origin we cannot determine. A small corridor leads us to a Jamatoun (typically Armenian secondary room) in which we find the origin of the songs. These are four women who sing in this room with its very special acoustics. The beauty of these melodies and the air that seems to vibrate give us chills. We come out of this room all moved by what we have just experienced.

photo numéro 5.jpg

Azhdahak Volcano

It is at 8 that we show at the top of the Azhdahak volcano. Our vehicle not being adapted, we embark in the big Renaud truck of Camille and Mathieu for 22 km of very rutted track.


Together, we set up our camp and we spend 3 days on a plateau at an altitude of more than 2700m. We discover simply incredible lunar landscapes. In Armenia, there are more than 500 volcanoes, but the Azhdahak is really the one not to be missed. We are dazzled by the color contrasts between the very blue water of the lake formed in the hollow of the volcano and the black/brown volcanic rocks.

1,2,3 pics!

This photo was taken at the top of the Azhdahak volcano with a team of travelers who set out to discover the world by truck, defender and motorcycle. We shared a few days rich in emotions and adventure in these remote highlands of Armenia.

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photo numéro 8.jpg


Noravank Monastery is one of the most beautiful sites we discovered in Armenia. Bathed in the lights of the end of the day, this place is breathtaking and we are very happy to have stopped there for a few moments.


The Tatev Monastery, located on a promontory, is simply sublime and somewhat reminiscent of a fortress with its surrounding walls. Over the centuries, the monastery had to be rebuilt several times due to damage caused by earthquakes. Today, several buildings persist including a church, chapels, stables and various rooms that were once used for the life of the monks. Today, most of these rooms remain empty.

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photo stop

When the light comes and the place is beautiful, we like to photograph our house on wheels.

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