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“All the happiness in the world is in the unexpected”

Jean d'Ormesson

Clearly, the countries of Central Asia continue to sell us dreams. We arrive in a mountainous universe similar to the one we loved so much in Tajikistan. Kyrgyzstan is a small country that hides a lot of incredible and diverse landscapes. It makes us want to thread ourselves into every valley and take every trail we find on our route. It’s so nice to find ourselves once again in a country where distances are short and where you only need to drive a few dozen kilometers to go from one spot to another.

July 15, 2023

VISA - 2 months free


OTHER - From October 2023, it is no longer possible to do a “visa run”.

SIM - at Méga, unlimited data for 7.5 CHF/month

DIESEL - 0.70 CHF/liter

INSURANCE - 1650 SOM/month

DOG - Microchip not required, vaccination (rabies between 30 days and year, square, hepatitis, viral enteritis, parvovirus, adenovirus infections, letospiros), health certificate required (all is rarely checked at land borders)


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 The Kyrgyz atmosphere

Upon our arrival in the country, we were quick to take the first trails which allowed us to explore the mountainous regions. Here the faces begin to change greatly and look more and more like the types of faces we thought we would find in Asia. Nomadic traditions are still very present in the country. Thus, we meet many families setting up their yurts for the summer season.

The Yaks

For the first time, we find ourselves facing yaks. It's funny animals that look like cows, but seem to be wearing long dresses or long coats with their long hair and funny tails. Here in the Kyrgyz mountains they are everywhere.

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at the foot of Lenin Peak

It's better than a cinema screen. We find ourselves a place at the foot of these enormous white mountains. We see Sherpas setting up business in the different base camps planned for the ascent of Lenin Peak at 7134m altitude. There are 3 camps in total before reaching the summit. This allows you to take steps and acclimatize to the altitude. This mountain is reputed to be the easiest 7000m to climb.

Petrovsky 4800 m

We plan to climb Petrovsky which peaks at an altitude of over 4800 m. This ascent often serves as an acclimatization outing before going to Lenin Peak. From the van, we climb to a rocky ridge which we follow for 4 km. Then, we attack a snowy slope requiring crampons and an ice ax before arriving at the summit.  From there, the view is incredible over all these high snow-capped peaks. 


We often don't like descents from the summits, but this is a pure treat. Indeed, the presence of snow and soft gravel almost allows us to run to the van without tiring our knees.

kirghizistan.pic Lénine.petrovsky.024.jpg

Bishkek market

Doing some research on the capital of Kyrgyzstan, we didn't really find any particular point of interest. That said, upon arriving in the city, we discovered a fairly modern capital, much more than we expected. Apart from its brand new buildings, its trendy cafes and restaurants, we discover the city's bazaar which is clearly worth the detour. 

Uchityel 4541 m

Ala Archa National Park is renowned for its countless hiking routes. Our objective is to climb to the Uchityel summit which culminates at 4541 m above sea level. We spend the night at the foot of a mountain hut called Rustek. From here, already at three in the morning, we set off on a short, very steep climb (1200m difference in altitude over 2.6 km). We arrive at the summit first and fully savor the magnificent landscape before us.

kirghizistan.montagne.parc national d'ala archa.sommet Uchityel.073.jpg
kirghizistan.korocheck canyon.077.jpg

Korocheck canyon

In our opinion, Korocheck canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons in Kyrgystan. The track to get there is relatively complicated and we are happy to have a 4x4 to use it. We go up it at night and can therefore only glimpse what surrounds us. The next morning, the landscape is breathtaking. Placed on the footboard of our van on a summit, we spend a moment admiring these green and yellow grassy slopes intersected by the steep orange and red cliffs which form the canyon.

shazka canyon

Shazka Canyon, also called Fairytale Canyon, is made up of magnificent sand and rock shapes shaped by the influence of wind, water and snow. Some of these forms are, according to some legends, supposed to be dragons turned into stone. In this arid landscape, only the color of a few grasses and bushes contrasts with the color palette of the rock and sand which ranges from yellow to red.

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We arrive in the Burkhan valley, one of the famous Kirighz highlands surrounded by magnificent high peaks. Apart from a few electrical poles, a few tracks and a few yurts, there is no trace of man.

seven bulls

Here each change in valley marks a change in the landscape. After being bathed in a mountainous setting of rock and greenery, we are in awe of the famous “seven bulls”. Mountains of red earth that we find surprising. The contrast with the green of the trees and grass is just sublime.

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