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"On the road, in a trip, it's not the destination that counts but the path taken."

Philippe Pollet-Villard  

Here, it is the place of concretization of our adventure. This is where it all begins, where our project takes shape, where we spend the most time, invest the most energy and above all love!

Amateur builders transform a VW CRAFTER into a magnificent house on wheels.

This video shows you our house on wheels in which we live. It introduces you to who we are. It shows you our ideas for layouts, our logic and our tips. It also exposes all our sporting passions.


We started with almost nothing. Our van, which was basically empty, just white sheet metal, on which we worked tirelessly for 5 months, non-stop, to fit it out from A to Z. It was essential for us to have enough space in the back, a kind of trunk, to be able to store all our sports equipment.


There was fatigue, stress and even raw nerves at times, but the motivation to go all the way, the desire not to let go, just go for it always took over. This experience brought us a lot closer, because we knew it was going to lead us to live our biggest dream.

Why did we choose a VW cafter 4x4?


  • 4x4: in order to be able to take tracks off the main axes. 

  • Differential lock and braking assistance: two options that we have added and which are essential for our use.


These options allowed us to push certain limits of the van, to take trails that we would not have imagined being able to discover, but that was not enough... We sometimes had to give up going to a place. It has even happened to us, a little too often, to have to change a broken tire or even repair and then replace a punctured casing.

With the experience of the trip and in anticipation of the next countries in which we go, we made some modifications;

  • New BF goodrich all terrain wheel: with these wheels, we are no longer afraid to climb stony slopes.

  • Raises the van by 5 cm: We have installed a Seikel kit in order to go everywhere more easily.

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