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Leaving, just leaving without knowing when to come back, making our dream come true and taking the time to do what we love.

Who are we ?

We, Chloe & Sevan, we are two lovers, two sportsmen, two adventurers who crunch life to the fullest. It all started with a weekly routine, every weekend we packed our mountain stuff and left with the van for the weekend. Very quickly, we took a liking to this simplicity, this minimalism, this freedom. Until the day where...


“Honey, how about we go around the world? »


Since that day, this desire has become reality. We buy a new larger van to store the equipment that will allow us to practice our sporting passions. We are fitting it out for 5 months with the precise idea of taking a long trip. 


Today: 19 months of travel and 20 countries visited.

NOTWe haven't finished yet, because the world is big and hasn't finished surprising us.

Our goal :

Live from our sporting passions. As soon as we have the opportunity, we take out our gear: mountain biking, climbing, skiing, kites etc. We immerse ourselves more in different cultures, we give our time, we learn new traditions and we enjoy spending time with the population. 

An advice :

if you too would like to discover certain regions of the world, go for it, face your fears, live fully and simply. 

We, adventurer, traveler
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