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Slovenie Hiver

"You have to travel to learn"

Mark Twain


When we arrived in Slovenia, we were surprised by heavy snowfall. Most of the roads, with the exception of those located directly in the open, have not yet been cleared and are therefore closed. However, the fresh snow attracts us and we have only one desire, to launch an assault on the summits!

Slovenie Hiver

The Slovenian mountains

This start of winter is incredible for white gold ravagers like us. We are only at the beginning of December and we have already had the right to several heavy snowfalls.


When we arrived in Slovenia, we had only one desire, to ski the Trigla, this Slovenian symbol that can be found everywhere, whether on storefronts, on the country's flag or on coins. This peak is the highest mountain in Slovenia (2864 m) and has a characteristic silhouette with its three pyramidal peaks. Unfortunately, the state of the roads would make its ascent extremely laborious and long. We therefore decide to climb other more accessible peaks including Špica V Sedelcih and Korenščica.

Bled and the friendly Slovenes

Unfortunately, we realize quite quickly that the third solar panel has not solved all of our electricity problems. Of course, we can no longer charge our battery with the sun, but in winter the sun is not enough to meet all of our electricity needs. 


While waiting to find a solution, we are back at the starting point, or almost, and have to connect our van to the mains to recharge our battery.


Nevertheless, in the Bled region, we find another solution than going to the campsite. A very nice motorhome family provides the parking lot in front of their house to allow people passing through to park there. They also offer electricity, water and internet connection and all this without asking anything in return! And guess what, the members of this family are also sportsmen and practice many sports including mountain biking and ski touring. Gaber, the father of the family, will invite us to join him and his friends for a nice ski outing in the moonlight.

Slovenie Bled Hiver
Slovenie Ljubljana


Temperatures in the country are rising sharply and melting the snow at high speed. However, there is still a small layer of snow, very wet, which makes any activity complicated. So we decide to head to Croatia faster than we had planned to find warmer temperatures. On the way, we stop successively at Ljubjana and at Predjama castle to make some visits.


In the capital, we take the opportunity to treat ourselves to a good meal, stroll through the streets and find a store to buy a pure sin inverter. This device will allow us to recharge our Bluetti while driving. (With a few months back now, in winter, it was the right solution to no longer have to connect our van to the electricity grid to recharge it.)

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle was built in the 13th century, on the side of a cliff, in a huge cavity, 123 meters above a karstic abyss, in order to make access difficult. It is the largest troglodyte castle still in state in Europe.

Slovenie Chateau de Predjama
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